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We are happy to announce that Sheepshead Bay Laser Center is conveniently open and successfully functioning at Sheepshead Bay Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY.

Dr. Zina Turovsky

Medical Director: Dr. Zina Turovsky. Dr. Zina Turovsky is double board certified in physical medicine and electrodiagnostic medicine. 

Dr. Zina Turovsky performs extremely delicate procedures, such as single fiber EMG, phenol block, botox injections. She is one of the best specialists in performing injections of “fillers”.


Dr. Leon Turovsky

Owned by distinguished physician Dr. Leon Turovsky, Sheepshead Bay Laser Center  features modern laser and light technology to deliver high-quality aesthetic  results. Located at Sheepshead Bay Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York, the  clinic offers a wide range of cosmetic services.

Backed by a medical director and an experienced staff,  Dr. Turovsky enforces safety standards and ensures patients enjoy a friendly  environment.

Dr. Leon Turovsky has been recognized as a leading laser specialist  in the New York metropolitan area. At Sheepshead Bay Laser Center, Dr. Turovsky  and his team address various types of cosmetic concerns, including loose skin,  scars, dark under-eye circles, unwanted hair, spider and varicose veins,  wrinkles, rosacea, melasma, acne, and many more.

In addition, Drs. Leon and Zina Turovskys prepare articles for clients health professionals who  feel more comfortable with the Russian language. Furthermore, they donate to  charities, such as Neshama; the Lupus Foundation of America, Inc.; the American Association for Cancer Research; and the US Forest Service International  Programs, Israel Program.

Our team of highly qualified professionals trained by the best specialists in the field of noninvasive laser applications in the USA and Canada, offers a wide range of procedures for cosmetic skin problems.

We are conveniently located and will accommodate your needs.

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2615 East 16th Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11234

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